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We have developed 4 inspiring conferences based on MoreBirdies’ philosophy. Whether you are an individual interested in learning golf, an experienced golfer or a business person, we have a conference specially designed for you!

How to start playing golf easily

For the new golfer
  1. Understanding the basics of the game
  2. Learn why you need to start mastering the basic movements first
  3. Reduce the elements that interfere with the pleasure of playing
  4. Know how to be successful quickly with the MoreBirdies method
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How to make more birdies

For experienced golfers
  1. Learn to have more fun on the course
  2. Know our 10 principles to make more birdies during the first part
  3. Understanding the technique of putting and chipping
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How to fall in love with golf

For ladies only
  1. Learn the benefits of playing golf  for women
  2. Understand the adaptations women have to make to enjoy the game more 
  3. Know our 10 principles to make more birdies
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How to make birdies at work

Conference adapted for business
  1. Understand the similarities between golf and business
  2. Inspire employees to perform better at work while having success on the golf course
  3. Initiate employees to golf to develop the desired qualities from employers
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